GIT Fit Mobile


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Established in 2015. The concept behind Group Interval Training and Fitness, (G.I.T. Fit) is based on the principle of interval training in a small group setting; taking interval training to the next level in a safe, effective and convenient environment. GIT Fit Mobile makes the process even more convenient for our clients. We like to say "No Excuses" - because with GIT Fit Mobile we offer the same high intensity weight and cardio training - but we bring the gym to you. Our gym has been focused on offering clients a highly effective and strenuous workout with the attention of a personal trainer. A small group setting is an effective way to create the right atmosphere for getting great personal attention while working within a team. With GIT Fit Mobile you choose the team. You and and five friends or coworkers will be lead by a certified personal trainer in utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to get the best one hour workout possible - right outside your home, office, or children's school. Wherever yo


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